Mount Manresa Retreat House

The Mount Manresa Corporation was incorporated and filed with the Office of the Secretary of State in the State of New York, on July 8, 1911.

 Mount Manresa was established by Jesuits mainly through the efforts of Father Shealy beginning with the purchase of the Fox Hill Villa in 1911 for $50,000.

Established in 1911, Mount Manresa was the first retreat house in North America.  More than 15,000 retreatants come through each year.

Many retreatants have maintained their loyalty to Mount Manresa over its 100+ year history.

  • A total of 33 men have attended over 50 retreats over the years.  John Bruno holds the record for the most retreats (93 over his lifetime), Joseph Meehan attended 90.
  •  During the WWI, many soldiers came to Mount Manresa for retreat before going to war.
  • In 1960, in response to Second Vatican Council’s call for renewal the retreat house became apostolic centers and began offering programs for adults and boys and girls of high school age.
  •  In 1968 Mount Manresa established retreats for married couples.
  • 1970’s to present, Mount Manresa has developed special programs for those in recovery from alcohol, drugs and gambling, HIV, Cancer Survivors, and loss of a child.

Video from 1945 retreats

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